Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ken Hepner's HEA Board Campaign Needs Our Help NOW

It is difficult to unseat an incumbent. Ken is running against HEA Board President Debbie Debnam who supported the Healy 2 coal plant deal and continues to support the questionable Kenai Small Hydro project and lots of Board executive sessions. We are told she is being supported by a powerful group of political insiders including Borough Mayor Dave Carey, Hugh Chumley, and HEA General Manager Brad Janorschke.

HEA Ballots will be mailed tomorrow. Past experience shows that most people mark and return their ballots within to following week or ten days.

Please volunteer to help by placing a Ken Hepner sign on your property (central peninsula folks), or for the phone tree (central AND southern peninsula folks).

Contact Ken or his campaign managers to volunteer.
Ken: hepner(email@) or 262-8510
Campaign managers: Dan Chay chay(email@),
Robert Ruffner robert.kwf(email@)

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