Thursday, April 1, 2010

Election Update

HEA Members Forum Supports Ken Hepner and Tony Garcia For HEA Board of Directors

These two candidates support more open governance of our cooperative -- fewer closed-door meetings; more information about operations, plans, problems; responsiveness to member concerns. Both want to embrace renewable energy while making efficient use of remaining natural gas reserves. See their candidate statements below.

HEA Ballots will be mailed to members tomorrow, Friday, April 2, 2010.

HEA District 1 -- Vote Tony Garcia.

HEA District 2 -- Vote for Ken Hepner.

HEA District 3 -- Call central peninsula family, friends, associates and encourage them to Vote for Tony or Ken.

(Bill Fry is running unopposed in District 3 and need not campaign.)

Ken Hepner
I am Ken Hepner, a retired science and math teacher, United Methodist Minister, and an experienced office manager. My wife and I raised our daughter and lived here for 27 years. Transitioning to a renewable future, we should use Cook Inlet natural gas more efficiently and forego coal-fired generation due to costs, regulatory uncertainties and mercury emissions. I am running for the board because I want HEA to pursue cleaner renewable power generation.

HEA sits on world class tidal, wind and geothermal resources. HEA should be installing wind turbines (mature technology), and exploring tidal and geothermal. I bring knowledge about fishery issues, and support hydroelectric projects when appropriate; however, I would not have pursued hydro-development of Ptarmigan Creek in the headwaters of the Kenai River.

During my 16 years of service with the Central Emergency Service board and while
employed with Kenai Peninsula Schools, I worked with multi-million dollar budgets. My work with Native Ministries involved working with a variety of backgrounds and

I support more transparency and fewer closed-door executive sessions. HEA should
better educate its members about the challenges ahead and listen to your concerns as we work toward a secure energy future. Thanks for your support!

Tony Garcia
I, Tony Garcia, have been a member of Homer Electric Association
since 2000.

My board experience includes service on the Homer Electric Association board since
2008, Kenai Care Center since 2007, and the Alaska Dare Officers Association since
2004. Additionally, I am the state chairperson for the Elks Drug Awareness committee.

My work experience includes the United States Air Force (retired Senior Non
Commissioned Officer after 21 years of service in 2003) and Soldotna Police Department from 2003 to present, currently serving as a Patrol Sergeant.

If elected to represent the members of Homer Electric Association, my main goal will be to provide the best possible service to all, provide the highest value services at the lowest practical cost, to keep members informed about their co-op’s operations, plans, problems and progress. Promote democratic process ensuring transparency and encourage members’ participation and to diversify our energy portfolio by integrating renewable resources.

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