Sunday, January 25, 2009

What is HEA Members Forum?

HEA Members Forum is a growing ad hoc group of approximately 300 Homer Electric Association members who support our rural power cooperative and other “railbelt” utilities in efforts to adopt clean, affordable, and sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. An original forum participant list of about 209 people was put together from a petition on energy issues presented to HEA at the May 2008 annual Board meeting. This list continues to grow.

HEA Members Forum is dedicated to reform of our rural electric cooperative. We have five major objectives:

1. Encourage a policy of openness and responsiveness by HEA Management and Board.
2. Improve member participation in our cooperative’s affairs.
3. Improve rate stability and minimize increases by getting more of our electricity from renewable energy.
4. Encourage efficient use and conservation of energy.
5. Increase “railbelt” operational efficiency through greater collaboration among utilities.

Members Forum participants interact primarily by sharing e-mail updates and action alerts and by telephone. Past information updates can be viewed along with related information at

HEA Members Forum, 3734 Ben Walters Lane, Homer, AK 99603

Mike O’Meara, Spokesman

Jerry Brookman, Kenai Spokesman

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