Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Self Regulation (& more)

Self Regulation
At last night's meeting the HEA Board voted to indefinitely suspend all efforts to pursue deregulation of our coop. While several Board members expressed continuing interest in looking at the option at some point in the future, all agreed this was not the time to do so. During discussion of the motion the Board acknowledged that questions raised by a number of HEA members made them realize they lacked adequate knowledge of the potential costs and benefits of "self regulation." It was also recognized that there are many more pressing priorities confronting the HEA Board and management in the coming months. Clearly, member knowledge of this issue and willingness of some to communicate questions and concerns made a difference.

Continuing HEA Website Upgrades
Also at last night's meeting the Board approved placing voting records of all Board members on the HEA website. This will be done on a "rolling" three-year basis and will include attendance and absence information. Such information can be valuable if you wish to understand the way a given policy developed and where each Board member stands on important issues. Such knowledge will be especially useful to you during Board elections.

Board Meeting Schedule Revised
The Board of Directors has reduced the number of meetings it will hold in Homer from 6 to 4. They will now meet at the Kenai offices 8 months out of the year. The reason given for this change is that they want to accommodate members from all 3 Board districts equally. One wonders how meeting 8 times in Kenai achieves this goal -- no meetings are planned within the Soldotna/Sterling district. We have been told that the Homer meetings will occur during summer months. Unfortunately, specific dates and locations are yet to be listed on the HEA website.

HEA Energy Fair
HEA will hold the second Energy and Conservation Fair in Home at the Islands and Ocean Center on Saturday, November 14, between 10 AM and 4 PM. There will be presentations, workshops, and a chance to visit with various vendors of energy and conservation goods and services. By all accounts, the first fair held last Saturday in Kenai was well attended and many participants considered it a great success.

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