Thursday, October 22, 2009

HEA and Self Regulation

The attached letter went to the HEA Board of Directors and General Manager Janorschke yesterday. I am told that self regulation, or as HEA frames it, "local control" will be discussed at the November 3 Board Meeting in Kenai. Should this issue move forward you will be asked whether or not to give up regulatory oversight of our coop. This would perhaps be the largest structural change in HEA's history. It is in your interest to see that the issue is fully explained to your satisfaction prior to any such vote. One way to do this is to attend the next Board meeting in Kenai or via video conference from the Homer HEA offices.

If you like, you can also e-mail your sentiments regarding the process HEA should use to explore this issue.

Deborah Debnam, President debbie(email@)
Tim Evans, Vice President heatde(email@)
David B. Thomas, Secretary/Treasurer davidthomashea(email@)
Eugene "Jim" Levine, Deputy Secretary jlevine(email@)
Jose "Tony" Garcia tonygarcia43(email@)
Alan Bute byrdave(email@)
Ed Oberts eoberts(email@)
J. Michael Pate Mike_Pate(email@)

Brad Janorschke, General Manager bjanorschke(email@)

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