Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16th Update

HEA Board Vacancy Update

The following people applied to fill Brian Hirsch's Board seat:

Rick Foster
Robert "Bob" Burns
Douglas "Doug" Stark
Don Seelinger
Steve Franklin

Applicant interviews were conducted on Monday, July 13. As of the July 14 Board meeting no selection had been made. There appears to be significant disagreement among sitting Board members over which applicant is best qualified.

HEA Board Meeting
Representative Paul Seaton attended the July 14 Board meeting to discuss contents of his May 13 letter to the Board. In essence, he stated that the letter was not meant as a criticism of HEA policy but rather was notification that he would no longer attempt to explain HEA policy to irate constituents. Seaton explained that he and his staff lacked the expertise needed to clarify actions and intent of HEA Board and management so would refer all future inquiries directly to HEA.

General Manager Brad Janorschke provided a copy of his July 14 report (see below) to the Board from the July 14 meeting. It gives an overview of some things discussed. We have circled items of special interest in red. Perhaps most notable is the news of rapid progress on the Mt. Spur geothermal lease potential evaluation.

HEA Website Redesign
There has been a good deal of work done to improve the HEA website. Many changes reflect input of HEA members and will make the site more user friendly. Check it out at and if you have comments or other suggestions contact Joe Gallagher at jgallagher( email @) or 283-2324.

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