Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The HEA Board Needs Our Support

The May 12 vote against further participation in plans to restart the Healy 2 coal plant was both prudent and courageous.

By refusing to be manipulated into taking the risk and paying the costs for GVEA to acquire the Healy 2 plant, the HEA Board:

* Saved $47.5 million of HEA members’ money,

* Eliminated risk of significant added costs due to new mercury and CO2 emission control requirements,

* Avoided long-term electric rate hikes due to rising coal prices.

Unfortunately, the Alaska Industrial Development & Export Authority really wants to dump Healy 2 on someone else. Under a 2006 agreement with AIDEA, HEA committed to managing work required for restarting the plant. It's unclear how this will be resolved. AIDEA might use that agreement to pressure HEA to reconsider the May 12 vote. Our Board needs to know we are behind them 100% in withdrawing from Healy 2.

Please send HEA Board members a short message thanking them for their decision to drop Healy 2 and letting them know that you will stand behind them during the process of pulling out.

Alan Bute, District 1, byrdave (EMAIL @) yahoo.com or (907) 776-8115

Jose (Tony) Garcia, District 1, tonygarcia43 (EMAIL @) hotmail.com or (907) 252-7790
David B. Thomas, District 1, davidthomashea (EMAIL @) gmail.com or (907) 283-4109
Deborah Debnam, District 2, debbie (EMAIL @) debnam.com or (907) 262-9277
Tim Evans, District 2, heatde (EMAIL @) gmail.com or (907) 262-3734
Ed Oberts, District 2, eoberts (EMAIL @) gci.net or (907) 398-8039
Brian Hirsch, hirsch (EMAIL @) alaska.net or (907) 235-7164
Jim Levine, District 3, jlevine (EMAIL @) jaybrant.com, (907) 299-0323
J. Michael Pate, Mike_Pate (EMAIL @) wellsfargois.com or (907)-235-8105

HEA General Manager, bjanorschke (EMAIL @) homerelectric.com

Joe Gallagher, HEA Outreach jgallagher (EMAIL @) homerelectric.com

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